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Frame has always intended to be a community where ALL feel welcome and valued, we respect and value individuality and diversity, and this has been written in our Company Values since day one. As a business, we are committed to creating positive change at Frame and across the Fitness industry.

Last year in June as a result of the horrific murder of George Flloyd we posted a black square to show our solidarity with the black community and pledge to stand with them and be anti-racist. As we looked within we had a realisation of the discrepancy in equality, not just within society, but within Frame.  As our brand values stand for providing an inclusive space we realized we could do more and we wanted to make a stand and be better in terms of diversity & inclusion across the board. 

We still have a long way to go and continue to be committed to listening and growing. In the last year we have made some headway towards the above topics through:

Below, we have set out our pledge from last year, and followed each point with commentary as to what has been achieved this year. We follow this with additional steps forward that were outside our initial pledge and highlighted areas where we could have done better.

Finally, we set out our pledge for the next 12 months.


  • Start to work with external diversity and inclusion consultants to help guide our policies and decisions, and to provide internal training with our team.


We started work with The Diversity Partnership who assisted us in forming the diversity committee, guided the diversity strategy and conversations for the business and held our first anti-racism training. However, this relationship was not ongoing and is an area where we know we need support and we will be looking for solutions and consultants moving forward. 


  • Held our first Anti-racism and Ally training for our Leadership team and Head Office employees


We are committed to set Training  schedule in regards to D&I across the business for the coming year as we have not been successful in consistent training across the business in this year.


  • Launched our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, who will keep the company accountable and push the right projects and initiatives forward. They will also review and develop better diversity and inclusion policies. The Committee members have been chosen to represent diversity across as much of Frame as possible and to provide fair representation for all.


Diversity committee meetings have been held regularly once/month and will continue in this structure

The members will be reviewed and can re-apply once/year

We are working with incredible D&I committee members: Camilla Dickenson, Vincent Merouze, Fizz Yasin, Emma Wigglesworth, Michael Seloram Greenwell, Lisa Price, Adam Hayward, Le’Nise Brothers, Georgina Mandefield & Kerri Norville. 


  • Ensure all marketing communications are reviewed to ensure cultural relevance and sensitivity


We have actively listened to the diversity committee and have made actions as soon as we have had anything flagged for us. As a part of our annual review we have recognised that we need to invest in internal training to provide the team with relevant knowledge on these topics.


  • Finalising a Diversity and Inclusion Framework, with input from our Diversity Committee, to help shape Company decision making in the future.


With input from the diversity committee we finalised our Diversity & Inclusion internal Framework last year, which all our Diversity and Inclusion work links back to.


Frame as a company wants to take a positive approach to DNI within the fitness industry and promote transparency, accountability, education.

How and what we do needs to be both relative to the internal and external Framer community. We need to understand we can not be everything to everyone or we will become mediocre at best, not making a positive change. What we can do is identify areas for improvement and be focused and measured in our approach. We can not be a positive change if we don’t keep the business strong and united. We need to focus on what we can do.

Through the framework we are working through the following pillars: 

  • Body Image
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Gender/Sexuality


  • Continue Anti-racism and Ally training for ourselves as a leadership team and roll this out to all Freelance and other staff members


We hosted our first anti-racism, bias & cultural appropriation training last year, we have not yet finalised a continuous training schedule for the future and are committed to produce this as soon as we can.


  • Launch a new recruitment process to work towards set KPI’s aimed to create a more diverse workforce across all areas of the business


We have reviewed our recruitment process, with input from committee members, to offer a more inclusive environment. We are still trialling to find the right process. Successes have been:

  • Blind CVs for internal hires, 
  • Always using a minimum of 2 external sources
  • Reviewed wording and outline of employment ads to make these inclusive
  • Made a conscious decision to stop doing group trials for FOH roles as this did not create a very inclusive environment.
  • Reviewed FOH recruitment process and set specific questioning and clear criteria

Benchmarking has not yet been set but the benchmarking process is starting this month to generate the current % of diverse workforce in the business. This will be done Yearly in June and be used to set future benchmark goals.


  • Implement procedures to review all classes and instructors to make sure we have cultural relevance and sensitivity top of mind during the hiring and programming process


  •  We have reviewed all dance cardio tracks to remove possible cultural appropriation in playlists and dance moves for these Frame pre-choreographed classes.
  • We finalised a cultural calendar for the year – trying to promote and host projects by curating a cultural calendar via the Frame framework.
  • Started looking at diversity when setting timetables and seeing an overall mix of people across all of our sites and in the make-up of the studio. Looking at creating studio teams through a DnI lens.
  • Running new classes and themes through the DnI committee to make sure we saw product development through a different perspective.
  • Assessing diversity when selecting On Demand instructors and making space for opportunities for our workforce of minorities


  • Launch the FRAME Academy scholarship programme across the courses with the aim to specifically broaden diversity within the fitness community


Unfortunately we were not able to deliver a scholarship program due to the Academy being closed. We stand behind this and are aiming to deliver this program this year.


  • We commit to seeking out partners who can work alongside us and have the same ethos and mission. We are committed to listening, learning and facilitating change.


Frame started an ongoing partnership with BMM to support the charity which has a long waitlist for mental health support. We offer free on-demand classes for clients in the BMM to support them while on the waitlist for support

This is top of mind when seeking out partners. Based on the Framework we could keep a sustainable strategy for Frame which includes: always reverting back to our framework which we will implement when seeing our sponsors/partner. 


Additional improvements from the last year:

  • Created a more open working environment where lines of communication regarding these topics have been improved and we have received and actioned feedback – for example: After receiving feedback regarding a social post in the naming of a class, we took on feedback and took action within 4 days. 
  • Due to the lack of training we were able to provide we have been regularly sharing resources in relation to D&I internally which are available continuously through our communications app.
  • When planning classes for the year we approached instructors and asked if they wanted to teach fundraising classes, we asked what they wanted to teach so the message was something close to heart – this came across in pride, movefortheculture, BMM classes and Black History month. Some of the suggestions were very popular and were put on the timetable as permanent classes: ex. afrobeats rebounding and Soca vs bashment Sweat Fest.
  • Dance /Barre training – checking language and making conscious effort to not use excluding language in classes.Ex. in training teachers are being asked not to use language such as ‘girls/guys


  • Work to be done in attracting more diverse applicants across our teaching teams, specifically in Reformer Pilates, this will fall into a more extensive recruitment strategy focusing on Pilates as a genre
  • More regular and continuous training within the pillars of the D&I Frame Framework
  • Following feedback from the playlist where a Wiley song was included we are acting to review how we produce and approve playlists for choreographed or set classes and On Demand. 
  • As a business we are still growing and learning and have made some communication mistakes on external channels, we are continuing to grow.

We now re-pledge how we will make positive change over the next 12 months. Below are our focuses to work on June 21’ – June 22’

  • Reviewing our diversity & inclusion policy as well as our employee handbook to ensure inclusivity
  • Set Training  schedule in regards to D&I across the business for the coming year
  • Set up Scholarship program for Frame Academy
  • Work with D&I committee to ensure D&I lens on internal and external communication.
  • Keep updating and looking at our recruitment process with D&I lens. Create sustainable strategy focusing on genres where we have work to do in order to have a diverse workforce as well as implement a recruitment tracker to better benchmark and set goals
  • Continue to hold monthly diversity committee meetings
  • Hold projects and tasks to the Framework standard 
  • Stick to our agreed cultural calendar for the year and make sure this is reviewed yearly.
  • Finalise the benchmarking for the business and openly produce the results